Minutes from November 10, 2016

November 16, 2016 in Minutes

Members present: Eileen Murphy, Dovie Sigle, Jim Pidduck, Carol Pidduck, Ken Beckley, John Ufkes, Tony Swartz, Joyce Heritage. Also present was Val Barschaw.

October 2016 minutes approved: Pidduck motion, Beckley second

Holiday party: save the date of 12/21/16 at 5pm for the Bar’s annual holiday party. The event will be at the Starlight back room. Drinks and food will be paid for by each member as desired.

Barschaw report: Ms. Barschaw reported on the Clerk’s Office. Beta testing of electronic files will begin for type 8 cases (juvenile) with various technology being installed in the courtrooms. Odyssey is still scheduled for a May 2018 rollout in Kittitas County. The Office has also instituted a faulty document fee (see form with details at http://kittitasbar.com/faultydoc.pdf). All filed faulty documents will result in the attorney receiving a fee of $15.

Treasurer report: $2909.09 in bank.

Scholarship discussion: letter sent withdrawing previous offer due to no enrollment.

Retirement gift: approved up to $400 for retirement gift.


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