July 14, 2016 KCBA Meeting Minutes

July 15, 2016 in Announcements

Meeting minutes July 14, 2016

Members/Persons present: I judge, 9 attorneys: The Honorable James Hurson,  John Ufkes, Jim Pidduck, Carol Pidduck, Terry Weiner, Ken Beckley, Jeff Winter,  Chris Herion, Erika Doremus, Erika George.

Meeting called to order with the first order of business being the introduction of a new prosecuting attorney, Erika George.

Chrystal Church was a guest speaker on the Youth Services of Kittitas County mentoring program. Generally she advised that there are two levels of possible involvement, that being either a 1-2 hour per week commitment to meet in the community with the mentored minor, or there are more structured in school mentoring programs as well.  Children ages range from 5 years old to 17 years old, and currently there are 17-35 serviced children where in the past the most served had been as high as 55.  Other questions were answered and general handouts were distributed which are attached to the original of these minutes.

The meeting minutes from April 15, 2016 had previously distributed as well as posted on the Bar website and were distributed at the meeting as well for comments, none noted. A motion was made to approve these minutes as presented, which motion was seconded and carried unanimously.

Terry Weiner gave the treasure’s report and noted that Paul Sander had advised him that the balance in the association account is currently $2848.50 where there has been no payments made for the $1000.00 scholarship awarded, see below, and some costs that need to reimbursed to Tony Swartz for the pizza gathering with one of the judges from the 3rd district court of appeal.

Carol Pidduck then brought up the fact that the unified scholarship with the Ellensburg School District resulted in Terry Weiner, herself and John Ufkes agreeing to award the scholarship to a young man who not only had the requisite academic qualifications, but also had the most obvious financial need. He will be paid the $1000.00 when some additional paperwork is submitted.  General discussions on future and past scholarships ensued with no motions being submitted.

The next meeting is to include a CLE by the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office on an update on law, and a request was made for a discussion of recent US Supreme Court on the Attenuation Doctrine. John Ufkes discussed some interactions with the Yakima bar in the future.

The meeting was then adjourned as there was no further business.

Respectfully submitted,

John Ufkes

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