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Minutes from August 9, 2018

August 13, 2018 in Minutes

Members/Persons present: 16 attorneys:  Tony Swartz, Marjorie Alumbaugh,  John Ufkes, Carol Pidduck, Eileen Murphy, Melissa Nunes, Terry Weiner, Dovie Sigle, Jeff Winter,  Paul Sander, Greg Zempel, Candy Powers, Jon Furgeson, Jim Pidduck, Chris Herion, Cathy Busha.

Vice President Ufkes called the meeting to order as Tony Swartz was held up in court and attended later in the meeting.  The meeting minutes from (a) the December 2017 Christmas meeting, which took place on December 21, 2017, (b) February 8, 2018, (c) April 12, 2018, and (d) June 14, 2018 were discussed as they have been available for review on the county bar website.  Following discussion a motion was made to approve the submitted minutes without changes, this was seconded, and voted upon being approved unanimously.

The email notice for this meeting called for a rescheduling of the memorial for Judge Chmelewski from August 24, 2018.  A motion was made to have the social committee work with the Superior Court Judges in the scheduling of this sometime in September 2018, which motion was second, and approved unanimously .

John Ufkes then reported that he was not interested in holding office in 2019 and following discussion, a nominating committee was suggested and consented to constituted by Candy Powers, Cathy Busha (chair), and Chris Herion, which was submitted by motion, second and unanimous approval.

The meeting was then adjourned as there was no further business.

Respectfully submitted,

John Ufkes

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